It’s amazing how language is living as some would say. Over time, it changes and words that meant one thing now mean the polar opposite like for example: wicked – it used to mean evil but now means good.

We no longer speak ye olde English, for which I’m grateful. I find it hard to add ‘eth’ to everything – wouldeth, couldeth, and ‘est’ wouldest thou mindest…, keep getting tongue tied. There are so many languages that have died out over the years, but how cool would it be to still be able to write in runes.

But I don’t like the English of today with the current generation, especially, using acronyms when writing forms or job applications – did no one teach them, you just don’t do that. But then again, I get lost with all the meanings of the acronyms.

America has a lot to answer for killing the English language, but now we are hearing the brutalised version day after day, and people now think it’s normal to speak like that. They say that it’s because of all the American shows, shown here, but either way, I’m sick of spell check telling my spelling is wrong because I use ‘s’ and not ‘z’.

If I were to write ‘In my organisation’ it does not need to be highlighted as wrong and the helpful prompt of ‘Organization’ to be inserted. Likewise other words like utilise does not need to be corrected to utilize, rationalise and so forth.

And I am sure that many years down the track, language will change again and again and again.


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