The Words We Use

I don’t know about anyone else but I am fed up with how sensitive people are. People have sanitised everything down to make it more palatable to the general populous. These days, you can’t use certain words in case they offend someone and so they go around renaming things.

For example: A spade is no longer a spade but is now a digging implement, a manhole is now a utility-hole and a car is no longer called she but is now an it. Are you serious? Have you not heard of context?

If I say ‘I’ll grab the spade to plant the tree’ there is no doubt, as to what I am referring to but the politically correct people, if they had their way, would have me saying ‘I’ll grab the digging implement to plant the tree.’ That is ridiculous.

Here are some others:

Evil = niceness deprived

Cheating = cooperative assignment

Cat = quadruped non-human associate

Girl = pre-woman

Homeless = residentially flexible

Dishonest = ethically disoriented

Crook/Thief = morally (ethically) challenged

Wrong = differently logical

Poor = financially inept

It seems that common words of which one knew its meaning, has been reworded in order to make it seem less harmful, but then they have gone to the extreme, of applying that same logic to animals and both tangible and non-tangible items. It’s a cat, people, not a quadruped non-human associate.

It is now not politically correct to have an opinion these days. If you say the wrong thing you can upset someone or get fired or reprimanded. They say it’s about respect and acceptance and absolutely, people should respect and accept one another, and they shouldn’t use words in a disparagingly way.

It’s called manners, something anyone over their 40’s was taught. That is what should be taught. Manners, not renaming everything under the sun, but the art of simply showing respect to your fellow human being (aka man).

Political Correctness has invaded every aspect of our lives and fairy tales and nursery rhymes did not escape the chain saw of political correctness. They have been changed in order not to offend or potentially scare the children.

The three little pigs has been sanitised so much it’s lost its huff and puff. Spoiler alert: The first two pigs were eaten by the wolf originally but now they all survive. And Humpty Dumpty now sounds more communistic than nursery rhyme – ‘…all the people’s people and all the people’s army..’

Here’s a thought. Maybe, children would be less afraid of shadows if they had the original stories told. They were never intended to scare children and they usually had some kind of moral teaching to them.

The problem with making everything palatable to the general populous is that it doesn’t help people to learn to build coping mechanisms. People, in the real world are not going to care whether they have hurt you or not in real life. They are not going to care whether you are an extremely sensitive person or not, and whether you like it or not, people have biases.

I don’t think that we are doing people any favours by sanitising everything. It’s all about context. What is the context of the sentence being spoken? That has always been the way to figure out what someone is saying.

In this respect, maybe we need to go back to the basics and learn our manners, think before we speak, and learn how to respect and accept each other as the unique individuals that they are.



It’s amazing how language is living as some would say. Over time, it changes and words that meant one thing now mean the polar opposite like for example: wicked – it used to mean evil but now means good.

We no longer speak ye olde English, for which I’m grateful. I find it hard to add ‘eth’ to everything – wouldeth, couldeth, and ‘est’ wouldest thou mindest…, keep getting tongue tied. There are so many languages that have died out over the years, but how cool would it be to still be able to write in runes.

But I don’t like the English of today with the current generation, especially, using acronyms when writing forms or job applications – did no one teach them, you just don’t do that. But then again, I get lost with all the meanings of the acronyms.

America has a lot to answer for killing the English language, but now we are hearing the brutalised version day after day, and people now think it’s normal to speak like that. They say that it’s because of all the American shows, shown here, but either way, I’m sick of spell check telling my spelling is wrong because I use ‘s’ and not ‘z’.

If I were to write ‘In my organisation’ it does not need to be highlighted as wrong and the helpful prompt of ‘Organization’ to be inserted. Likewise other words like utilise does not need to be corrected to utilize, rationalise and so forth.

And I am sure that many years down the track, language will change again and again and again.