To Lie or Not To Lie

Female shop assistant was talking to a customer when I walked by. She turns to me and says ‘You agree, don’t you?’ Well, that’s a loaded question so I said ‘And what would that be?’ She said ‘That Santa has a lot to answer for.’ I just smiled and said ‘Well, you made him your god?’

Christmas is coming up and parents are going to to teach their children that Santa exists and they will tell any older siblings that have learnt the truth to not say a word but to play along. And each year the requests get bigger and more expensive, and Santa has to come up with the goods, because junior has been good all year and you want junior to be happy and you don’t want junior to miss out because, you know, there’s his friends to consider, and you know from their parents exactly what type of presents ‘Santa’ is going to bring their child or children.

Parents teach their children ‘Stranger Danger’ and go to great extremes, of making sure their child or children understand, not to go with someone they don’t know, and yet once a year, at Christmas, those same parents whack their kids onto a stranger’s lap, just because he wears a red suit, has a white beard and hair, and goes ‘Ho, ho, ho.’

And then when parents have to tell their children, that’s if the child hasn’t worked it out, that Santa’s not real, that in fact it’s mummy and / or daddy that really buys the presents, how do you think the child or children are going to react? Of course, they will be hurt and disappointed and their magical bubble is burst. It’s the same feeling of hurt and disappointment when they’re told the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny aren’t real either.

Speaking of Christmas what about all the food that is bought and wasted for one day of the year. The money spent on decorations which will in all probability be thrown out. What is it about families being nice to each other for that one day when really families should be nice throughout the year.

Christmas is not a happy time for some. People remember those who have passed away and their absence hurts and makes a dent in trying to be happy when one just wants to cry. There are those who are homeless with no family to spend Christmas with. And there are those where this is a dangerous time of the year – Domestic Violence incidents rise over the Christmas and New Year period. There are many accidents in which people get hurt or killed just before Christmas or they are robbed or a fire may occur and they are suddenly homeless and have lost everything. Christmas can be quite a sad time for many.

So, does Santa have a lot to answer for. No, people do. It is people, who made up the facade, of a jolly man in red who delivers presents to children. And it is people who can’t see the needs of those around them who may be lonely or suffering.


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