The Beginning

I’ve decided to start a blog. Don’t know how it will go but I do know I’ll probably offend someone at some point in time. It’s not intentional but I can be very blunt. People who know me, know that I can also be incredibly accurate in what I say, to the point, a lot of people don’t talk to me, unless they want the truth said to them.

When they want an answer to a question and they don’t want people to sugar coat it or say what they think the person wants to hear then they come to me because I say it how it is. I think the world needs people like that. Those who call it how they see it.

So I am going to write about different things – – Social Justice issues, people’s behaviour in general, I may even dare to tread into the arena of political and religious issues.

At the moment I am writing an eBook called ‘Flowers won’t work this time’ and the theme is Domestic Violence and how it is running rampant throughout society and how society needs to step up to the plate and say ‘Enough, this has to stop.’ There are far too many deaths, injuries and emotional turmoil in our society.


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